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Squash Lovers Rejoice!!

With all this heat, our squash plants just may take over the world. This year we planted a couple different varieties of summer and winter squash. You'll have to wait for the winter varieties, of course, but no worries because we have plenty of summer squash to keep you smiling for weeks!! We have the tried and true Zucchini--amazingly versatile for baking, sauteing, sprializing, name it!! We also have Straightneck yellow squash and Cousa or Gray squash. Cousa/Gray Squash is similar to zucchini but it is shorter, more squat and pale green. Compared to green zucchini, it has a sweeter flavor. Straightneck yellow squash (not to be confused with golden zucchini--they are actually different vegetables though they look similar) has smooth to slightly bumpy skin with white flesh and larger seeds than other summer squash. these golden beauties can be sauteed, baked or eaten raw. Check out the recipes below and Enjoy!!

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