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2019 Summer Vegetable Share

The Simply Local Fresh Farm Summer Vegetable share runs 15 weeks from the end of June to early October. Each week, members can expect a bag of fresh picked organic vegetables.  The quantity and type of vegetables vary during the season depending on the harvest schedule.  Early season vegetables may include cucumbers, kale, beets, green pepper, zucchini, salad greens.  Mid to late season vegetables may include tomatoes, banana peppers, jalapeno, leeks, red onions, winter squash, eggplant, spices.  In addition to the fresh, organic vegetables members receive every week from SLF, Mike and Jen like to keep the share exciting by supplementing some weeks with new featured veggies partnering with other local farms.  

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2019 Quarterly Pasture Egg Share

Simply•Local•Fresh Farm is committed to connecting you with the freshest most nutritious supply of foods our region has to offer.   That is why, back in 2015, Mike and Jen partnered with their friends at ‘Simply Happy Hens,’ a small-scale chicken farm located in Clarence, NY, to offer a quarterly fresh Pasture Egg Membership.  The nutritional benefits of a free-range, pasture egg are outstanding...And the taste simply can NOT be beat!!  Jake and Christine, of SHH, are the proud parents of a flock of happy hens that spend their days free-range grazing and laying the most delicious eggs.  If you’ve never had a truly cage-free pasture-raised egg before, you are in for a TREAT!!

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