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Meet your farmers...

We believe fresh ingredients are the rock star of every meal!

Driven by their addiction to great food and flavor, Simply Local Fresh Farm founders, Jen and Mike VanDewater, embarked on a simple garden project back in 2011. Their goal: Grow their own vegetables for a season on their newly purchased plot of land in Clarence, N.Y. Fast-forward to today and that small experiment with freshness, quickly evolved into what is now Simply Local Fresh Farm.  

Their Mission...

Life is too short to eat crappy food!

Mike and Jen are committed to only the most sustainable farming practices. They like to keep nature the way it was meant to be.  That means, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  The end result is a bounty of tasty veggies throughout the summer.  But Mike and Jen are committed to much more than growing fresh and nutritious vegetables. Jen and Mike bring their customers on a journey, sharing how their food was grown.  They believe the ultimate peace of mind comes from knowing how your food was grown and who grew it.

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