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Healthy Inspiration...In the Most Unhealthiest of Seasons!

The holidays are a time to indulge and forget about all things healthy. But even in this yuletide whirlwind, we sometimes yearn for a bit of balance and recharge so we can keep the party machine chugging along. So here's a bit of easy inspiration: Power Bowls. Call it a reinvention of the sad salad or whatever you like. Fact is, we all know vegetables are good for us. That's the simple part. BUT, the not so simple part is how you make that happen, when time, taste and options all run interference. Power Bowls are a way to make it happen. Power bowls turn-the-frown-upside-down on the sad salad in a couple ways:

  1. Greens are joined by grains adding texture, flavor and health benefits

  2. Warm and cold ingredients coexist in the bowl and deliver max satiety and heartiness

  3. Nuts and seeds deliver health benefits and crunchy texture to make it all interesting

  4. Plant-based and lean animal-based ingredients like eggs and cheese deliver max protein to support satiety and energy through your day

Need a little inspiration on how to start your bowl. Check out the links below for recipes and my cookbook faves!

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