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Share Week 3: Fresh List

Mother Nature treated us to some much needed rain today. We've been watering daily but nothing beats a good ol' dousing of rainwater. The crops are all in full bloom, even despite the hot temps. We're nearing the end of summer squash season (I'm sure many of you are screaming a silent cheer...haha!!) and we're heading into tomato and hot pepper season. Lots of exciting veggies to still share as the season continues like watermelon, cantalope, okra, jalapenos, eggplant and more.

This week's share will bring us closer to the end of summer squash season so don't miss your opportunity to put these versatile veggies to work. This week's share will include some familiar friends including green zucchini, yellow straightneck squash, marketmore cuke, purple bell pepper, green bell pepper, curly blue ridge kale, Cubanelle pepper (light green). Newcomers this week include: Japanese Long Cuke (long, skinny, curled cuke), Sweet Banana Pepper, HOT Hungarian Wax Pepper---CAUTION: These peppers look the same so proceed with caution when sampling these yellow peppers.


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