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Share Week 5: Fresh List

We're a third of the way through the 2018 vegetable share season and we're heading into peak harvest. While zucchini and cukes are on their way out, tomatoes, peppers and melon are on their way in. This week, we will start pulling out summer squash and cucumber plants to make way for some fall greens. We have a pretty broad summer bounty of vegetables for you to sample, this week. It's time to pull out your stir fry and fajita recipes. This is also a good week to get that last bit of zucchini bread baking out of your system. Vegetables in your share this week include: Green Zucchini, yellow squash, Purple Eggplant (white eggplant is on its way), Cucumber (Japanese Long and Marketmore), Peppers (Green Bell, Purple Bell, Banana, Cubanelle, Jalapeno), Bright Lights Swiss Chard and Spices. Newcomers this week include cherry tomato, Mexican Sour Gherkin.

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