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Share Week 8: Fresh List

We celebrated Labor Day this year by laboring. Lots of mid-season clean-up including pulling out zucchini, yellow squash and cucumber plants. And lots of pepper and tomato picking. There are lots of great recipes out there (and in our Farm Blog) to use up extra tomatoes and peppers. Canning is also a great option! Salsa, tomato sauce, tomato jam are all great canning options for youor tomatoes. And if canning isn't your thing, try stuffing your tomatoes and peppers for a great weeknight dinner!!

This week's share includes: A special newcomer---Acorn Winter Squash!! We also have summer favorites for you...Yellow squash, Beefsteak Tomato, San Marzano Tomato, Purple Eggplant, Cubanelle Pepper, Banana Sweet Peppers and Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers, Purple and Green Bell Pepper. Share bags will also include either a white scallop squash or a watermelon

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