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Share Week 10: Fresh List

Despite the balmy temps, our crops continue to march toward Fall. In fact, most of our Fall crops made a sprint toward harvest with all the hot temps this year. Winter squash is almost completely picked and packed in cold storage. Pumpkins are ready to carve. But let's not get ahead of ourselves...we still have plenty of mid-season lovelies for you to enjoy. We have a few items from Freiert Farms (including the biggest jalapenos I've ever seen) and some new comers from our farm to your table. A special treat this week: shishito peppers. Shishito are a mild Japanese sweet pepper that are absolutely the best for roasting. This week's share also includes: Cucumber (Freiert Farms), Garlic (Freiert Farms), Jalapeno (Freiert Farms), Buttercup Squash, Shishito pepper, Purple/Green Bell Pepper, Cubanelle pepper, Kale, Tomato (san marzano, Beefsteak)

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