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Freiert Farms: Garlic Masterminds!

Mike and I have featured fresh vegetables from Freiert Farms since the very start of SLF. But our relationship with John and Carly, Father-Daughter duo, goes well beyond just a featured partner farm. John and Carly have been patient mentors to Mike and I from the start...lending equipment, sharing plants and supplies and a whole lot of expert advice along our growing journey. But the best part is, they are just damn cool people and we are proud to call them our friends!

Freiert Farms is a 3rd generation farm owned and operated by the Freierts . Farming is a family tradition for our friends, dating back to the early 1900’s when grandfather Elmer would take crops to the North Tonawanda market to sell with his father in a horse-drawn wagon. Freiert Farms grows an array of crops but garlic is their most famous specialty crop. You will find Carly and family at the Tonawanda Farmer's Market every time you are there, stop by and Say Hi!!!

John Freiert and Carly Fabiny

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