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Rooted Locally Green Goodness

This week our featured grower is Justin Brocato, owner and operator of Rooted Locally. Rooted Locally specializes in all types of fresh microgreens from baby arugula to mustard leaf (tastes just like Weber's Mustard-yum). Some of you may be wondering, 'What's a microgreen?' Well, here's a quick rundown on these baby flavor giants. Microgreens are also sometimes known as 'vegetable confetti' and are sometimes confused with sprouts. But, they are actually different from sprouts, which are germinated seeds that are eaten root, seed and shoot. Instead, microgreens are a variety of edible immature greens, harvested with scissors less than a month after germination, when the plants are 2 inches tall. Microgreens are incredibly versatile...use them as a topper on salads, sandwiches or even a steak! Don't let their small size fool you...these lil guys pack a serious flavor punch. You can check out Justin's full array of green goodies at the Tonawanda Farmer's Market each Saturday. Stop by and say hi!!

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